YC-5000 is an industrial level encrypted gateway, which essentially is an intelligent Internet terminal that connects industry devices to collect data from devices like local PLC, PCB and meters and upload the data to the platform. Downlink uses the Modbus protocol of RS485 to collect data, uplink uploads data to the platform via 4G/Ethernet/Wifi connection.

Product Features
* Industrial level protection
* Encrypted upload
* Data difference upload
* Breakpoint resumable transfer
* Active upload
* PLC remote debugging


General Parameters

Product Type


Product Dimensions

84Mm×82mm×25mm (Body)

Working Voltage

DC 12V

Working Current

Standby average is 52 mA, average for sending data   is 95 mA (Tested under DC 12V)

Hardware Interface

Power Input

2   pin pluggable terminals

Reserved Interfaces


RS232 Configuration Port

RX, TX, Baud rate 9600-115200bps

RS485, Data Port

A+,B- pluggable connecting terminals, Baud   rate 1200-115200bps

Antenna Interface

SMA Female (Product Package 50  2dbi  SMA    Male  Antenna)

Software Parameters

Time Compliance

Module   time is compliant with UTC time

Number of acquisition points

150 (word/s)

Acquisition Protocols

Standard Modbus RTU

Acquisition Interface


Timing Acquisition

Set a specific interval to upload data

Data difference upload

Preset data upload conditions (threshold, upper   limit, lower limit), upload data when the value of the variable triggers a condition

Broker point Resumable Transfer

When disconnected with the server, the gateway will   reserve offline data and upload the data when  the server is reconnected (can reserve up to   1GB of data)

Encryption Mode

SSL Encryption

On Cloud Configuration

You can configure the gateway on Cloud platform

Local Configuration

You can configure the gateway by serial  port (RS232 protocol) locally


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