• Real Time Monitoring and Alarm Pushing

    Get visibility into the equipment operation data and alarm situations instantaneously via PC or mobile phones,allowing to issue instructions to modify parameters

  • Equipment management and Authority Classification

    Add, delete and modify equipment via the platform, save equipment parameters; Perform fine and procedural management for equipment maintenance and warranty; Perform a hierarchical management for various users view/operation accesses.

  • PLC Remote Debugging

    Used in conjunction with Yucon Gateway to perform PLC remote dibugging.

  • Free Screen Configuration

    Users can develop monitoring image by dragging and dropping common components, without involving technical staffs.

  • Live Videos

    It supports connection to live videos, visibility and replay of the video of faulty equipment, conducting online monitoring for security issue and fire, achieving trail monitoring for equipment patrolling

  • Delicacy Management ToolsMore Details

    It includes after-sales management tools, equipment management tools, customer managerment tools, procedure management tools, energy efficiency analysis tools, unattended management components and project schedule components.

  • Big Data Analysis ToolsMore Details

    Compare and dig the operation data from similar equipment under different circumstances; build industrial models based on accumulated data; when there is a failure, pushing possible reasons and solutions based on a large number of accumulated cases.

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