Yucon Gateway

A few obstacles for industry equipment to be connected to the IoT:

1. Too many communication protocols for industry equipments; 2. Networking configuration is so complicated;3. Lack of unified security standards.

  • Encrypted Transmission

    Encrypt data transmitted via SSL to prevent data leaks.

  • Fast Configuration

    One-click configuration from Mobile phones, to connect to IoT quickly

  • 100+PLC Protocols

    Complying with more than 100 types of common PLC protocols.

  • Video Monitoring

    Support of live video connection.

  • PLC Remote Debugging

    Local networking via VPN to achieve remote debugging of PLC and HMI.

  • Edge Computing

    Support of script programming to perform calculation locally, and reduce loads on cloud platform.

  • Breakpoint Resumable transfer

    Built-in SD slots. When a card is inserted, it supports the maximum of 15M of data accumulated in case of becoming offline and the resumable data transfer when back to online.

  • Industrial Level Standards

    Communication isolation, port protection, embedded WTD watch dog, 24 hours of running without downtime.

  • High Real-time Capability

    Support of active data upload mode, and the data upload intervals could be reduced to 1 second, with high real-time capability.