Yucon Gateway

Yucon Gateway is used for the data acquisition of onsite industry control equipment. It helps users easily fulfill the demand of data acquisition and edge computing via a variety of conversion protocols,and uploads the data onto Yucon Cloud Platform, which ultimately makes remote monitoring for onsite equipments possible.

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  • Multiple Interfaces/Multiple Protocols

    Data acquisition supports RS485/RS232/Ethernet interface/USB/IO interfaces, supports standard Modbus protocol and common PLC protocols.

  • Secure/Steady Communication

    It supports SSL and TTL encrypted communication, supports breakpoint resumable transfer, active upload, differential upload. It has embedded watchdog timer and can run 24 hours straight without downtime.

  • Powerful Functionalities

    It supports remote debugging on PLC and online upgrade of equipment software, supports edge computing and live videos.

  • Wide Applicability

    It has communication isolation and port security functions, supports wide voltage input, supports DIN rail mounting, which is suitable for all kinds of industry control scenarios.

Yucon Cloud Platform

  • Real time monitoring and alarm push

    View the equipment operation data and alarm situations instantaneously via PC and mobile phone, and issue instructions to modify parameters

  • Live videos

    Supports access to videos to view the real time situations of the site.

  • Big data analysis tool

    The comparison and mining of the operation data from similar equipment under different circumstances; Set up industrial model based on the huge amount of data accumulated; when there is a failure, push possible reasons and solutions based on a large number of cases accumulated overtime.

  • Delicacymanagement tool

    Includes after-sale management tools, equipment management tools, procedure management tools, energy efficiency analysis tools, unattended management components and project schedule components

  • After sales support

    After-sales service order push, personnel movement track record, service content upload

  • Free screen configuration

    Users can develop monitoring image by dragging and dropping common components

  • Equipment management

    Add, delete and modify equipment parameter via the platform, and manage equipment in a informationalized, visualized and coordinated way


Yucon provides professional IoT solutions for different industries and customer demands

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