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Industrial Situation
As the economy grows, HVAC equipment is getting more and more popular, and the energy consumption for AC systems has become an important component of the energy consumption for the whole building, so energy saving and emission reduction  has become a top priority demand of the HVAC industry:
1. Provide services for cold and hot demand through designing, producing and selling energy saving AC product, and become professional system integrator and service provider, to finally lead the development of cold and hot system integration service;
2.Drive energy saving transformation work, provide comprehensive solutions of energy saving and emission reduction for our clients and enable efficient management and energy saving operation.

Yucon provides complete IoT solutions for HVAC industry:
1. Data acquisition layer: Yucon Gateway is used to connect to the PLC and controller in onsite equipments, enabling data acquisition from equipment and data communication, supporting multiple networking methods, and uploading data to Yucon Cloud servers in real time.
2. Data processing layer: Yucon Cloud Platform obtains equipment data from the servers achieving analysis. It allows functions like remote monitoring, energy consumption management, data analysis, operation maintenance, equipment OEE and after-sale service;
3. Data application layer: Allowing data presentation through web page/wechat/mobile phone app, visibility into any onsite situations, and supporting staff with different authority (developers, onsite service staff and terminal users) to conduct equipment management and service.

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