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Industrial Situation
Logistics is one of the industries that was implemented long ago, many advanced logistic systems already have technical features such as informationization, digitalization, networked, integrated, intelligent, flexible, agile, visualization, and automation, which greatly reduces the transportation cost in various related industries,  increases transportation efficiency and boosts enterprise revenue. The main application areas of IoT in logistic industry include:
1, A product network system that is intelligent and traceable
2, A visualized intelligent management network system for logistic process
3, Intelligent corporate logistic distribution centers
4, Intelligent supply chains for enterprises

Yucon provides complete IoT solutions for logistic industry:
1. Data acquisition layer: Yucon Gateway is used to connect to the PLC and controllers in onsite equipments, enabling data acquisition from equipment and data communication, supporting multiple networking methods, and uploading data to Yucon Cloud servers in real time.
2. Data processing layer: Yucon Cloud Platform obtaining equipment data from the servers achieving analysis, allowing functions like remote monitoring, energy consumption management, data analysis, operation maintenance, equipment OEE and after-sale service;
3. Data application layer: Allowing data presentation through web page/wechat/mobile phone app, visibility into any onsite situations, and supporting staff with different authority (developers, onsite service staff and terminal clients) to conduct equipment management and service.