Industrial Boiler

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Industrial Situation
Industry boilers are very important thermal power equipment, and nowadays, China produces and uses the most industry boilers in the entire world. The boiler industry is experiencing the digital transformation, which enables the crossover from the traditional boiler manufacturer to remote informationization on cloud.
1, the traditional industry boilers have several characteristics, such as small capacity, large number, scattered distribution, high energy consummption, which leads it hard to manage them in a centralized way.
2, product maintenance cost is high, maintenance time is long, and product upgrade is too slow.

Yucon provides complete IoT solutions for boiler industry:
1. Data acquisition layer: Yucon Gateway is used to connect to the PLC and controllers in onsite equipments, enabling data acquisition from equipment and data communication, supporting multiple networking methods, and uploading data to Yucon Cloud servers in real time.
2. Data processing layer: Yucon Cloud Platform obtaining equipment data from the servers achieving analysis, allowing functions like remote monitoring, energy consumption management, data analysis, operation maintenance, equipment OEE and after-sale service;
3. Data application layer: Allowing data presentation through web page/wechat/mobile phone app, visibility into any onsite situations, and supporting staff with different authority (developers, onsite service staff and terminal users) to conduct equipment management and service.

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